Heine and Communism (P2)

Marx and Engels – they, too, essentially grant a Hegelian historical philosophical utopia of a madman’s paradise of a social poetic scene: a counter-illusion revolutionary end of history.

Another Heine, the poet is skeptical – never has he been blindly impulsive, even when with a slight wry he hoped for the victory of communism. As he wisely predicted, social equality for everyone would only spawn a new form of subtle inequality. He foresaw that the communist crown kingdom might somewhere reveal its true form as an even worse whirlpool of hell on earth.

1855, a year before his death, in a duvet pit in Paris (7), Heine wrote a preface to “Lutetia” – the French edition of his collected articles in the Augsburger Allgemeiner Zeitung. (Augsburg Regional Popular Newspaper). He lamented about those who stormed to break the bell-beating statue of glorious communism that was on the way. „Only with horror and panic I think of the times when those who smashed temples and shrines would come to rule – Oh my! I foresaw them, and an unspeakable sadness overwhelms me, if I think of the decline, with which my poems and the whole order of the old world are threatened. by communism.”

But then the horse-riding spectacle of scourging made the stalinits of communism in the Soviet Union and the GDR fell in love with it with suspicion.

„And yet, I must humbly confess, despite its hostility to my tastes and aspirations, it is this communism that has caused an insatiable interest in my soul. .. Bless you junk merchant, who used to pack poems into small packages, pour coffee and spilled cigarette butts on poor old mothers, in our world of injustice could be deprived of such a heartwarming gift, fiat justitia, pereat mundus!” (Let justice do the work!).

So that was the last word of the poet in the sound of a black mandate. In the 150 years that have passed since then, in the world not only Legal but the eldest Justice has never been enforced under the brand name of „Communism“. However, that didn’t stop me from being born communist, loyal to my faith, despite everything, from staying in the communist church. Yes, the Christians did not deny it despite the medieval inquisition and the hypocrites among the servants of God on this earth. Mondieu! (My God) That we communists can’t force the crown kingdom to come down to earth, I’m far from letting myself become an apostate.

But it all turned out much worse, and it had to be. The experience moved me to my bones, it is clear that every attempt to create any crown kingdom, Christian or messianic or communist forces us into whirlpools only modern. than of hell. We – the brave children of man – must improve our world without a childish faith of some kind or another.

Heinrich Heine smelled a totalitarian corpse, before it took off. Of the future victory of communism, he wrote: Perhaps in the end there will be only one sheep and one flock, one free sheep with an iron rod and a herd of naked shearers. bleating in unison!…Future smelled of soaked skin, blood, immorality and lots of whipping. I advise our grandchildren to be born with thick back skin.”

Heine’s dark conjecture, from the side of the next “Love Song” in communism was rolled into paper packages, to end up packing spices or a few ounces of coffee for a poor old woman. . This fear is proven to be a beautiful word. The poor old woman and her children were simply beaten to death. In the communist regime that existed practically no servant needed seasoning, because behind the barbed wire fence for millions of people there was not even a chicken in the pot that needed seasoning. Prisoners in the re-education camps don’t drink coffee, but drink melted ice, they buy tree bark, and some people, in a frenzy of hunger, secretly kill poor people as if they were struggling to eat them.

The imagination of the genius mocker was inadequate. No visionary Heinrich Heine could have envisioned a prison archipelago (8) even once: a country of 200 million people under red flags and consumed socialist rhetoric. deceptive propaganda like a god-given bread and were cunning for fear of death.

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