Heart is unharmed

The poem opens the vision to a sight-seeing, a wasteland. The scene of the dike grass floating in the fog, everyone can see it, is as poetic as the spring sleeping soundly on the backs of golden cows.

Only self-blame for pushing January, why don’t you go back to Van Giang to watch the Red River, that is, lack of echoes of lovers dating, so you lack the passion of a transcendental realm like this village. Vi Da by Han Mac Tu, the majestic beauty of the Duong River in Hoang Cam’s poetry.

It is easy to understand that the poet returns to visit the old village, after a cup of revenge, he will step foot into the temple. The poet’s hand holding the farmer’s hand is warm, soft, and genuine.

The landscape appears, there is nothing special in the well-described sentences. The person that the author met again was so happy that she burst into tears.

The image depicting the entwined emotions develops on the common axis of Monologue – Narrative – Compassion – Uu period – Man That is like thousands of poems under Nguyen Khoa Diem’s ​​reign. Poetry expresses compassion, which is not strange. Classical Vietnamese authors had vibrations about the world, had time-sensitive advantages of cosmic dimensions. There is also the message of anxiety in the following poem, When the sweat becomes too cheap/The sly man becomes too rich, very weak. More than anyone else, he knew that the great tragedy that had and will happen was not so harmless. The attempts of the group of interests with the face of a red capitalist forest will still push the majority of the Vietnamese people out to stand in the street. The poet, who once stood on the powerful tower of the gag agency, had the opportunity to let the black people become citizens with the right to open their mouths, but only obtained a correct but innocuous and innocuous perception. so shy.

It seems that in the article criticizing Viet Bac, I remember Tran Dan commented, To Huu loves someone, that person must be small, the more heroic praise people have to be, the more people have to close their mouths to praise. Nguyen Khoa Diem continues to develop love, buys a lot of tears from the people who are patient, resigned and of course low-throated, when he reaches out his hand, man as a subject In poetry, it can’t be said at all, can be felt through facial expressions, skin and voice, but gradually disappears. Because they have to stand below forever, they extend their working hand that should know how to squeeze very tightly, probably not used to being close, so they meet the hand of the poet who ascends to the official, closes and softens, clumsy like that.

But it is the common voice of a populist propaganda poetry, evoking poverty – recording merits and conveying worldly sorrows. Arranged in the verses without rhyme is very neat, in other words, I can’t feel in the two poems an inner rhythm, a significant labor effort, in the direction of innovation and modernity. Grand. The recognition in each dark face/Forgotten days, appearing vague and unfinished, can be a significant highlight, worth more attention if exploited into a poem with a head with a wand.

I dare not say that all poetry based on this denominator-variant background is completely bad because it also depends on the righteous mind, depending on the talent of the writer. It’s just that the worst musical part, the most bone-chilling dice are revered as an orthodox gold-ruler mold. In that culture, no one is honored more excitedly about the position of authority, no one can surpass the poetry of To Huu and Nguyen Khoa Diem.

And of course, according to that path of poverty and gratitude, since the old days when the dike was broken, Mr. Nguyen Khoa Diem wanted to hold hands, logically, he would lead them to the end of House after house. , it was already warm and morning, hoping for a cheo/Red River was busy making history…

The poet fell from the tower of power, went for a walk, and loved the industrious. The end is already known, too bland.

But reading the last sentence in the second poem, I really don’t understand what the other poet was thinking when he wrote his heart rolling peacefully. Follow him along with two poems that live through the precious emotions of human life. Personally, I think it’s an inner climax that seems a bit offensive.

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