Sunshine of the lily-of-the-valley

Viewers seem to be standing in the sunlight coming from nowhere. The shining sun can come from above, maybe from the white cobalt clouds under the pond, bringing us many surprises about the source of the projection. Banana trees, bamboo groves, potato groves, duckweed, strabismus are all painted very immersed in the new sun. On the quiet road, only the slightly rumpled dirt road–reminiscent of Impressionist painting–perhaps the only movement that vaguely leaves a footprint.

But landscape paintings typical of Impressionism (1) often resolve and “pack” things into light. In this picture of Peaceful Countryside, the object is almost “peeled out” by many slices of multi-faceted light, not interrupted in the image of the object at a fleeting moment like the moment Impressionists often choose. choose. Color, formed on many layers, materializes to the maximum, dominates the form, overlaps, and spreads. In the many layers of open light illuminating the tropical village climate, we feel the emptiness of the steam evaporating, and the moisture condensing in space.

There are many layers spreading from the leaves to create many layers of open light, resonated by many soft colors like a field harmony. The vermilion agglomeration of banana leaves has magical colors like lily of the valley. That sunshine vibrated in the blazing space. Remembering the sunshine of the lily-of-the-valley on the frozen Easter day, I was anxiously looking at this precious picture.

Mr. Luu Van Sin has profound oil painting techniques. Painter Minh Huong lives as a recluse, leaving behind only a few paintings. His talent can be said to be among the leading artists of the Indochina School of Fine Arts at the beginning of the last century. The landscape he painted, bearing the soul of the Vietnamese countryside as deep and heavy as his compatriot Ho Dzenh, will still have a lot of sunshine, the lake seems to come from wonderful verses „The skinny horse has immense hints / The old-fashioned black flag, yellow clouds and yellow clouds. far away”; and then „The bottom of the lake are starry eyes/And on the hat the fog is sweeping across“, or „The spring wind is smiling with a smile” at the beginning of that nostalgia.

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