“The Clown” By Heinrich Boll – We have to be a “clown” to live a lifetime?

Perhaps in every age, the freedom of every individual is always in conflict with the self-sufficient moral foundation of society, and moreover, if the society in which that individual exists remains clamped apart The “rules” of life, it is also the dogma of religion grip. These doctrines and doctrines make freedom in such a way that a certain personality wants to always be like a kite that can not fly away from its rope and then to stand in one place, treading in the wind, if No longer the wind, it falls into its own loneliness and anguish, and then self-destruct.

That conflict is what makes writings on this subject always worth bringing to the hearts of the readers, whose loneliness and desire to escape life is extremely powerful. And sad. The novel Clown (Under the View of a Clown) by German writer Heinrich Boll touched my soul by a story like that. The story of a clown artist on stage, but actually no-one is a clown, not a playwright in this grisly big-life play. A 27-year-old clown who was born in Bonn, had to perform around the country during Hitler’s post-war period in Germany. With a loved one – a Christian is always haunted by the guilt he brings with him as he and his wife are married. And when a career accident occurred, a social aversion and sarcastic smile on his career by an article drove him to the bottom, he returned to Bonn in both physical and mental injury. There, in my hometown, in my room in just a few hours is a vicious reminder, ironic about the past with family, friends, social relationships, interwoven It was a desperate connection with the outside world to help him escape the traumatic and distress that was hinting at his head with emptiness.

As I said above, every individual in the world is like a clown when the inside of the smile is the content of unhappy, no color that dark as life escapes from the simple. And breathe easy childhood into which the humorous opposite in the endless irony of life. The main character of Heinrich Boll is a very unhappy, unhappy man even when he was born into a millionaire family, but a selfish, dull, and false mother, a dull and The way, clever but cold, such a family, has allowed his sister, whom he loves dearly, but has a strong personality and opposing the mother to the front and then sacrificing there, Boys always help love him, choose the poet is the place to rely on. And he, still can not pass high school for not agree with the wrong pattern of a fairy tales that the school teaches. He chose to go his own way, becoming a comedian, a clown. And above all, he chose Marie as his wife, an unofficial wife but whom he loves to the very heart of himself, a brother who will always be faithful to his monogamy principle. In a simple, harsh, and ironic voice, in the view of the clown, German society appeared in the face of the disgusting hypocrisy of politics, of war, of religion. You do not follow any religion, you only have a challenging view on the religious life, the look of a person looking out in that religion, the individuals representing it always show emotion Disgusting, abominable scam He was always willing to marry Marie even accepting the request of Christian churches to make Marie do not feel guilty, he can not bear that he was forced to sign a promise to his son later to be blessed. The fellowship of the director. Yet after that, Marie followed a Christian follower, wanting to choose her own path where she was not subjected to sin. An extreme irony, a legitimate prostitution affair. Every character that appears in the life of Hans – the clown is a face with no makeup, no makeup, but it is the ugly and smart mask that people easily carry to satisfy themselves. The teachings of society. As for Hans, he only felt himself as he was dressed up as a clown, with a red hat, black and white streaks on his face, a face distorted by the gravity of life that Hans could not. Bear it The biggest failure comes from the one you love the most. Even that love, the love that Marie had promised for the rest of his life, could not stay with him because some blunders were taken from religion. Society is, always the universal pliers that can cut off all the emotions even though it swears on faithfulness and death.

The story of Heinrich Boll through the look of a clown, as if it was the story I cherished for myself, that made my sympathy for Hans even more immense. At Hans I found the harshness of fate as he struggled against the road, the trails were smooth and easy to follow in reference to the common denominator of individuals as Hans Or other relationships of yours. In this contrast, sometimes he is helpless and desperate enough to go to every penny of his acquaintances; he chooses a free and unconstrained lifestyle and depends on anything, Then came the moment he struggled with a single mac remaining only in a moment of disagreement he threw it through the window, and then regretted the cigarettes can buy, the bread has Can buy from that Marx. And when he could not make any more money, he accepted a list of people who could call for a loan, and from them he received sarcasm, denial, love Bad luck … so he realized that, around him no one, no one can help him even his brother. The image he dressed himself, then took the guitar to the station to sing and put his hat on the side as a songbird is the image of despair to the end when all the relationships in the commune Your organization seems to be just a round zero when no one, no one can understand him, understands the despicable circumstances that he is experiencing.

Hans is our reflection in modern life, when each of us struggles with our own self in order to choose the path of life, that is to follow the choice of the family. Family, or escape from the family to do the way we believe we are free. And, moreover, it is clear and recognizable that the faces we meet in our lives, we have all exited ourselves to the faces of a clown who put them inside our true faces, Do we realize in those relationships that the face of a jester is really a face worth trusting, a real friend, but even then, our own conflicts with Its social and everyday ethics are unavoidable. Boll’s story has a great breadth of coverage of social issues from politics to religion, but we always see in it, in Hans his own personality in embarrassment and Difficult to walk alone in life. Stumbling is indispensable, but the stumbling that makes me have to choose the path of freedom I have chosen or not is the next story of each person.

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