Life of an adult: funny truths

The reason we have longed to become adults is because we think that maturation goes hand in hand with powers. But, the reality is not quite so. Only with simple graphs, numbers, and drawings, Writer Chaz Hutton painfully portrays the grim reality of an adult’s life.

Here are 12 pictures with a witty look, ensuring you will deeply penetrate: “What is the life of an adult?”
1. Nothing is more frustrating than having to fold the clothes on the bed before going to bed
Sometimes tired, I just want to move the “mountains” of clothing from one place to the other. Specifically from the bed to the floor, then a good night!
2. It’s time for the parties to be no longer attractive
The older the more afraid to appear in crowded. It may be busy with no time, it may be that health does not allow it to pass through the night anymore, or simply … the symptoms of old age!
3. When people go to work, they are not going to work
4. When determined to lose weight repeatedly billions of times
At first it was just a date to drink water, talk about then. Saying bored then the stomach suddenly growled, so eat. And after eating, they start to feel guilty about their weight. There are people who often fall into such a deadlock!
5. People choose to travel to somewhere because of … cheap tickets
Because maturity means you will spend your own money. So saving is still top priority, just cheap fares have solved the problem already. Good eating, good accommodation is not so important anymore!
6. Age is not proportional to the skill of finding a way
There are some people who are really dull in finding their way. And no matter how old they are, that skill is as bad as it used to be. Even, they just want to put people right and always have the map in their minds for more simple things. But of course, what happened to that!
7. Some people are often stuck in a pile of life’s goals
Have you ever been to a class meeting and felt so much worse than your peers? Peace of mind, until mature, at a certain age, you will also catch up with them. It is a milestone for getting married and having children …
8. Installation skills also do not seem to be better
Why are there excess snails or excess holes? In the meanwhile, I did not know that the wrong person here was me … Adults, confess, there are times like that!
9. Indoor furniture is a harmonious and excellent combination

When you buy a house, everything will be as glamorous as the magazine? No, dream it! You will go to pick up and ask everywhere to make up for the vacant. Because there is so much money for a whole new shopping! Said saving is the top!
10. There are things that never change in time
No matter what age, people still like to sit in front of the bus … Accept to sit behind is not because there is no place, or to give up for others only!
11. Lovers may not have, but certain dogs must have one
It’s never too late to raise a dog for a friend! Especially when you grow up, there are many relationships that will leave you, but a loyal dog will not.

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