“Currency Wars” By Song Hongbing

This is a book depicting a monetary warfare from the perspective of a young Chinese economist who immigrated to the US: Song Hong Bing.

The book mentions “a war with guns and money, a fierce war and a terrible level of damage that is not yet revealed …”. 7 Flingotighthowls [ Death of six US presidents. Hitler’s uprising. The economic crisis in 1997-1998 in Asia, even the environmental pollution of developing countries …

The seemingly individual events spanning these two centuries stemmed from the same cause: the control of the monetary issuance of the Rothschild family bank.

According to author Song Hong Bing, to date, the US Federal Reserve remains a puppet owned by private banks, many of which carry them. Loyalty to the Rothschild clan.

Such conspiracy theories may be just the tip of the iceberg sinking the world economy.

But in China, where the debate over the opening up of the financial system under US pressure is underway, this book has become a big blow and is in the intellectual elite in the mainstream. The traders and traders read.

Ha Jiming, a leading economist in the investment banking business of China International Capital Corp. “Some of the leaders of the big corporations even came and asked me if the things in that book were true.”

“Currency Wars” provided the reason for exploding controversy over whether or not Beijing is under great pressure from the United States and other nations over currency and the renminbi. The publisher of this book announced that the currency war has sold nearly 200,000 copies in its first release, not to mention the 400,000 copies sold in the market. It has made the whole of China become a “record for the year” … just behind Harry Potter Episode 7!

As for author Song Hong Bing, he is an IT consultant and amateur historian who has been living in Wasington since 1994. He recounted what inspired him. Writing the book was the economic crisis in Asia in 1997.

After revealing his discoveries on the blog, his friends made suggestions about publishing a book. He followed, but did not doubt that his work could be so successful.

In an interview in Shanghai, he said, “I can never imagine that my book can become a hot topic and be read by the elite. Chinese people are worried about what might happen to the financial markets but they do not know how to deal with the risks. This book will give them some solutions. “

Currently, Song Hong Bing is writing new works on other monetary systems in the world as well as continuing the story of the Chinese financial system.

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