Best books about Barack Obama

Barack Obama has been featured in several books and not to mention a long list of books and documents written about him.

The State of Black America: There is a large section of the people who see Mr. Obama as African-American. Although he was mixed, but his talent and virtue conquered the American people. The State of Black America released in 2007, the content revolves around the uncertainties in human rights and the current US economic situation. Obama decided to accept the introduction of this book while still a Democrat. Although not the main author, his article in the book resonates with a deep understanding of global economic and social relations.
Dreams from My Father: Obama was honored by the United States when he publicly expressed his respect and admiration for his father. Dreams from My Father is a book about his childhood, growing up with a white mother in Hawaii. His father was always away from home, which was why Barack had a great  knowledge on racial awareness. The book also describes how he became a community activist, civil lawyer and then a highly respected senator in America.
The Audacity of Hope is a politically charged book, the president demonstrates his ability to write and comprehend political as well as military depth. The book represents Obama’s views on “global liberalization” and his suspicions about the influence of some powers on the rest of the world. In addition, he also devoted many pages of books advocating equality of human rights and religion.
The book was a big hit when it was released just two months before Barack’s inauguration, reflecting American belief in their first black president.
Change We Can Believe In also expressed the President’s great belief in the changes he would bring to America when he came to power. Mr Obama again wrote the book’s lead and provided analysis of national inflation, promising an independent energy future and reducing the gap between the rich and the poor.
Barack Obama in His Own Words: The book is a compilation of famous liberal correspondent Lisa Rogak, including Barack Obama’s greatest and most influential statements on many international issues. In this book, the President openly comments on “sensitive” views such as same-sex marriage, abortion rights, foreign policy and the war on terror.

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