“Travel Across the Boundaries” surprised with the sharp language of the little girl

Discussions on education, history, environment and real experiences of young authors across countries with Ton Nu Tuong Vy’s sharp, youthful and fresh voice bring readers a lot of reading. Pleasant surprise when enjoying a travel book with bold humanity.

The prominent feature that is easily seen in the debut work of young author Ton Nu Tuong Vy compared to other young authors is in her profound intellectuality and boldness in addressing thorny social issues. Travel Across the Boundaries – Which door to open with the key to education? mentions the alternative forms of education she has experienced during her travels across many countries with backpacking and fully covered short-term programs (summer school, training, volunteering). The book also analyzes controversial social issues such as education, environment, culture and history.

Philosopher Bui Van Nam Son is a guest narrator at her book launch

Boldly stepping over her limits to get special experiences, this little girl has used her own change to contribute to raising minority voices in society: a blood-stained mask from a Filipino boy who was once a child soldier of a Muslim rebel group, the temple of Angkor whispering of its glory and its doom due to human frenzy, the line Mekong is calling for help because of a hydroelectric dam, a Cambodian girl who has no money to go to school, a Malaysian family homeschooling their children, or the silent creative projects of Vietnamese youth to help people love history more.

Readers can find themselves somewhere in Vy’s stories, like a childhood haunted by exams and scores, the crisis of suddenly realizing that their thinking and skills are too poor. Compared with international friends, revisit the grand illusion of volunteering, or the problem of balancing work, family and “pack your backpack and go” to explore new things but full of uncertainties.
She is currently writing her second travel book, on the subject of peace and conflict, with her real-life experiences with refugees, nationalism, and religious-cultural conflicts in regions of the world. the land she passed through.

Ton Nu Tuong Vy (born in 1990) is a person with a passion for education, co-founder of Lan Toa Academic Club and teacher at Friends English Center (Saigon). Tuong Vy used to be the only Vietnamese student representative in many international programs such as the United Nations Summer School in New York, USA, the International Education Innovation Summit in Qatar. She is one of the first Vietnamese young people to start the trend of “short-term study abroad” with sponsored programs such as summer school, volunteering, seminars, international training, improving integration ability. of Vietnamese youth. In 2016, Tuong Vy co-founded Friends English Center. She designs and teaches English for communication and personal development with many methods such as Socratic dialogue, debate, drama, movies, music and games.

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