Launching ceremony of the book “Where to go and return” would like to invite you to attend the launch of the book “Where to go and return” and interact with two authors: painter Le Thiet Cuong and writer Tran Tien Dung. Writer Nguyen Quang Thieu and musician Nguyen Thuy Kha will be speakers for the premiere.

After the first book published together with poet Nguyen Quang Thieu (“Three people”, 2009), poet Tran Tien Dung and painter Le Thiet Cuong will reunite in a second book called “Where to go and return”. ” – released on February 26, 2017.

The book is over 140 pages thick with 25 essays, divided into two parts corresponding to each author. Throughout each post is a story, telling about memories from a specific trip, a specific face they met. The word “place” is real “go, come back” to say, evoking another “place to go and return” that is also real but seems to be less remembered by people, that is the “place of one’s heart”, “go, about” my heart. “Go to go home, go back, go back” yourself.

According to poet Nguyen Quang Thieu: “Both of them tell about their places to go and return, but each brings their own way of telling”. Poet Tran Tien Dung’s narration is like “the way a flower blooms is to open each petal, to finally… fill the flower” and “the way of the painter Le Thiet Cuong’s narrative is the way a flower travels. to the seed”.

According to musician Nguyen Thuy Kha: “Le Thiet Cuong’s prose is full of sound”, “close to poetry” and “Tran Tien Dung’s prose is full of positivity”, “close to reportage”, “it radiates to two-dimensional … but surely when finished reading… it will echo in us both joy and a lot of question marks that we have to find the answer by ourselves”.

After the launch, the organizers have a dinner party to invite you to attend.

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