Launch of the book “Living like a Parisian” on 18th October 2021 would like to invite you to the launch of the Vietnamese translation of the book “Living like a Parisian” with the participation of MC Vu Manh Tung and singer Dong Lan.

Four female authors and longtime friends, Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Sophie Mas and famous model Caroline de Maigret, for the first time in the same book, “Living Like a Parisian”, in tone Exciting and very funny, analyzing “where’s going” Parisian women, the topic has never ceased to be attractive. The book consists of many short chapters, revealing all the truth about thinking like no other about culture, fashion, art, politics, lifestyle, bad habits, first date manners. , places to visit, some recipes and lots of impromptu photos, not only a great gift for women but also for all those who love and always carry with them the impression of space. Paris gas.

Parisian girls have always had something of a mystery, with their deadly grace and relief. You realized it a long time ago, but couldn’t explain why!

Here, in this book, the Parisian women themselves define…themselves, and tell us what it means to be a Parisian lady in all aspects: culture, fashion, and attitudes…

They’ll tell you how to be sexy, to make your boyfriend jealous, to approach the wedding and the gym the right way, and then they’ll share your address book. close (within Paris) so you know where you have to go at the end of the night, on a birthday, on an unexpected smart day and much more…

Funny stories, stylish illustrations, helpful tips on cooking and taking care of the house will help you realize the truth: it’s fun to live like a Parisian!

“This delightful guide to French style possesses a graceful authority. It’s also strangely persuasive at the same time.”

Paris is a city of splendor, shimmering, fanciful at night, a place that cannot but be mentioned when talking about romance not only of the French, a city that is a poetic symbol of love. . A beautiful, delicate book like a work of art with pictures, a very harmonious layout, thick paper that can’t be covered. Really like a Parisian’s notebook, no order, messy but interesting, colorful and lots of good quotes. The book gives readers a lot of information about the characteristics of Paris, life style, opinion, mainly talking about Paris girls. The flying love affair is probably the main issue in the conversation and the main issue that they care about…

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