Launch of the book “Living like a Parisian” on 18th October 2021 would like to invite you to the launch of the Vietnamese translation of the book “Living like a Parisian” with the participation of MC Vu Manh Tung and singer… Read more

You are stronger when you live alone

Living alone can be so free and comfortable. You are responsible of your own life and don’t have to answer to anyone. Living alone can also be benefitial for you… Read more

Seminar to introduce the book “Good, Evil and Smartphone” by Dang Hoang Giang

The problems in this book involve two kindergarten teachers, two brothers who own a beer dealer, a singer and model, a translator in her 80s, and a female student who… Read more

Launching ceremony of the book “Where to go and return” would like to invite you to attend the launch of the book “Where to go and return” and interact with two authors: painter Le Thiet Cuong and writer Tran… Read more

“Travel Across the Boundaries” surprised with the sharp language of the little girl

Discussions on education, history, environment and real experiences of young authors across countries with Ton Nu Tuong Vy’s sharp, youthful and fresh voice bring readers a lot of reading. Pleasant… Read more

Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer (part 1)

He kept a journeys diary in which he wrote about himself as a third person – as a courageous loner, denying civilization, finding himself in the embrace of nature.For those… Read more

Best books about Barack Obama

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10 things in life that we should not put on hold

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“Currency Wars” By Song Hongbing

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Life of an adult: funny truths

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