Launch of the book “Living like a Parisian” on 18th October 2021 would like to invite you to the launch of the Vietnamese translation of the book “Living like a Parisian” with the participation of MC Vu Manh Tung and singer… Read more

Seminar to introduce the book “Good, Evil and Smartphone” by Dang Hoang Giang

The problems in this book involve two kindergarten teachers, two brothers who own a beer dealer, a singer and model, a translator in her 80s, and a female student who… Read more

Launching ceremony of the book “Where to go and return” would like to invite you to attend the launch of the book “Where to go and return” and interact with two authors: painter Le Thiet Cuong and writer Tran… Read more

“Travel Across the Boundaries” surprised with the sharp language of the little girl

Discussions on education, history, environment and real experiences of young authors across countries with Ton Nu Tuong Vy’s sharp, youthful and fresh voice bring readers a lot of reading. Pleasant… Read more

“Landscapes from a Disappearing City” by Alicia Rums photoes show

Art Vietnam is collaborating with BOOKDAILY to present the photo exhibition and book “Landscapes from a Disappearing City” – photo book and articles from Yangon, Myanmar by photographer, poet and… Read more

Bookdaily’s calling for support the project “Vendors from Above”

Leaubon Finn has lived and worked in Hanoi as a teacher, photographer, writer, designer and media officer. She is currently visiting her home country, the Netherlands. She wants to return… Read more

Launch of the book “Origin and development of Dong Son bronze drum” cordially invites you to the book launch “The Origin and Development of the Dong Son Bronze Drum” with the participation of philosopher and editor Ta Duc. Read more